Executive Summary of Survey No. 4 on Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on IEM Members
updated on 26-Feb-2021

In view of the anticipated impact due to the Movement Control Order (MCO)...

IEM-ISTIC Webinar on Electrical Maintenance in ASEAN And South-South Countries
updated on 28-Feb-2021

03 March 2021 (Wednesday)

5 Sessions of Half-Day Online Course on Growing Malaysian Sustainable Engineering Consultancy Firms
updated on 19-Feb-2021

Organised by IEM Training Centre Sdn Bhd. For Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) of MITI

updated on 21-Jan-2021

For IEM Student Members

IEM Southern Branch Event
updated on 23-Feb-2021

IEM Southern Branch Event

updated on 20-Jan-2021

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, IEM would like to share some information and update...

Special Announcement : Movement Control Order
updated on 26-Feb-2021

IEM Secretariat office will continue to be closed until 04 March 2021.

Announcement from Special Committee on COVID19
updated on 08-Jan-2021

Register your companies on CIMS 3.0 via Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) website

Balai Ikhtisas Malaysia Education Fund Loan
updated on 07-Jan-2021

For IEM Student members

Nomination of Malaysian Candidates to Represent IEM
updated on 07-Jan-2021


WEBINAR - Towards Specialization Needs of Railway Systems: Series #3 Introductory Knowledge of AC and DC Railway Systems in Malaysia - Rail Return Current Circuits and Earthing (Digital Platform)
03 Mar 2021 (17:30:00 PM - 19:30:00 PM)
more details

WEBINAR - “Industry4WRD: Digital Transformation for Professional Services” (Digital Platform)
04 Mar 2021 (17:30:00 PM - 19:30:00 PM)
more details

WEBINAR - Talk on Asset Management (Digital Platform)
05 Mar 2021 (15:00:00 PM - 17:00:00 PM)
more details

WEBINAR - “Industry4WRD: Embrace Digital Economy – The Alibaba Model” (Digital Platform)
05 Mar 2021 (17:30:00 PM - 19:30:00 PM)
more details

WEBINAR - Training on “Awareness of Simple Risk Assessment and Control for Chemicals (SiRAC) for The Industrial Sector and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Practitioners” (Digital Platform)
06 Mar 2021 (11:30:00 AM - 13:30:00 PM)
more details

WEBINAR - Creating A Friendly, Amiable, And Productive Environment In The Construction Industry: Evidence From Primary Research Data (Digital Platform)
06 Mar 2021 (14:00:00 PM - 16:00:00 PM)
more details

WEBINAR - Sensor and Instrumentation for Ocean Applications (Digital Platform)
09 Mar 2021 (15:00:00 PM - 17:00:00 PM)
more details

WEBINAR - Talk on "Role of Sustainable Urban Drainage System in Adapting to Climate Change" (Digital Platform)
10 Mar 2021 (15:00:00 PM - 17:00:00 PM)
more details

WEBINAR - Calming Anxiety during Crisis using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy™ (TLT) (Digital Platform)
11 Mar 2021 (16:00:00 PM - 18:00:00 PM)
more details

WEBINAR - "Industry4WRD: Platform and Digital Infrastructure” (Digital Platform)
12 Mar 2021 (17:30:00 PM - 19:30:00 PM)
more details


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