Professional Interview (PI)



  • A candidate for election into this grade shall produce evidence to the satisfaction of the Council that he is worthy of election and
  • That he has a graduate qualification as approved by the Council and
  • Is a Graduate Engineer for a minimum period of three years
  • Preferably the candidate must be working under the guidance of a Professional Engineer for a minimum of three years

Professional Interview (Outcome Based Competence Assessment)

    In 2014, IEM embarked on enhancing the existing Professional Interview (PI) Process and Practice as part of periodic review to improve quality. The objectives include: 
    • Establishing a competency-based Professional Interview by benchmarking a well-established outcome-based competence standard. 
    • Developing rubrics with common yardsticks for rating PI Candidate in order to minimize subjectivity of assessment in both the oral interview and the written papers. 
    • Revising current PI process with related documentation to support the above-mentioned.

    In benchmarking an outcome-based competence standard, IEM has opted to adopt and adapt:
    • The United Kingdom Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC) for Chartered Engineers mainly for the oral interview. 
    • The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Model which is more generic and readily applicable to almost all engineering disciplines since IEM is the Institution that caters for all engineering disciplines. 

    The enhanced version retains the main structure of existing PI Process in that it consists of two essential parts:
    • the documentary review and
    • professional interview which is made up of oral interview and essay writing. 
    The Enhanced Professional Interview Process will undergo periodic review and changes in the continuous effort to enhance its quality and keep up with the most up-to-date development in professional engineering competence assessment.


    • Submit the following forms in duplicate and email to pi-submission @ iem . org . my :
        - IEM PI A100 (Professional Interview Application Form)
        - IEM PI A401 (ANNEXE -Design & Site Experience)
        - IEM PI A401 (Training and Experience -Portfolio of Evidence)
        - IEM PI C300 (Development Action Plan)
        - Technical Report
    • Submit supporting documents:
        - BEM Registration Letter/Certificate as a Graduate Engineer (for new applicant)
        - Degree certificates and academic transcripts 
          (Certificates from overseas universities issued in foreign languages must be
           accompanied by translation from University Registrar/Embassy Officials)
    • Name will be circulated in IEM Bulletin for a month upon approval of application
    • PI Application Fee
    - Processing Fee:                                   RM 100.00
    - PI Fee for Graduate Member:                RM 200.00
    - PI Fee for Non-Graduate Member:         RM 300.00

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    PI Application Forms and Guidelines

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    IEM PI C400 - Appeal Form on the PI Outcome Based

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