IEM-BMW Group Corporate Programme - MINI cars

IEM-BMW Group Corporate Programme - MINI cars


(Applicable to purchases of new MINI cars from MINI Authorized Dealer under the BMW Group Corporate Programme)

IEM is pleased to announce the IEM- BMW Group Corporate Programme as follows:



Fleet Discount

All FULLY PAID* members of IEM and their respective spouses

Note: *Commence on 1st January 2020


·    Member purchases (vehicle registered under member’s name/spouse) are subject to confirmation of membership letter from IEM.

·    Membership period with IEM is 6 months and above prior to purchasing.



(Sales Campaign Validity: Until 30 April 2021)

For purchasing the brand new BMW, kindly email to and provide the following details for the confirmation letter purpose:

  1. Full Name

  2. New IC Number

  3. IEM Membership No.

  4. Dealership (Company Name & Branch)

  5. Vehicle Model

  6. Sales Person (Name & Email Address)

Thank you.

Standing Committee on Welfare & Service Matters

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MINI - Announcement for IEM members

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