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Membership Renewal Notice 2024

Please email to subscription@iem.org.my with subject "Renewal Notice" for your renewal notice 2024 Form A. Please include your name and membership number in your email.

Alternatively, you may log in to MyIEM portal (www.MyIEM.org.my) for the annual subscription online renewal via Maybank2u, RHB Now, Visa / Master credit card. Please note that the MEPS FPX payment option will be available in the near future.

Entrance and Transfer Fees

An entrance/transfer fee payable for the grade of membership to which the applicant is admitted, elected or transferred shall be due and payable as of the date of admission. Election or transfer to that grade, as follows:

Member i. who has been a graduate member for at least two years before applying for election RM 100.00
ii. who does not fulfil the requirements in (i) above. RM 350.00
iii. who has applied as both Member and Graduate member. RM 250.00
Senior Graduate i. who has been a Non-corporate Member in any grade for at least one(1) year, and who applies for transfer to this grade of membership within one(1) year after obtaining the required qualifications for admission to this grade. RM 50.00
ii. who does not fulfil the requirements in (i) above RM 80.00

Graduate /

Technologist /


i. who has been a student member for at least one year and who applies for transfer to this grade of membership within ninety days after graduation in engineering from a recognised institution. RM 50.00
ii. who does not fulfil the requirements in (i) above. RM 80.00
Incorporated   RM 80.00
Affiliate   RM 80.00
Associate   RM 80.00
Student   None

Subject to the above, there shall be no other transfer fee payable on changing from one grade of membership to another.

Annual Subscription

The annual subscription payable by membership wherever resident, shall be as follows:

Fellows RM 265.00
Senior RM 210.00
Member RM 155.00
Senior Graduate RM 155.00


who in the year:-
have attained the age of 30 RM 155.00
have not attained the age of 30RM 100.00


who in the year:-  
have attained the age of 30 RM 80.00 
have not attained the age of 30 RM 50.00 
Studentswho in the year:-  

have attained the age of 30
RM 155.00

have attained the age of 24 RM 100.00
 have not attained the age of 24RM 20.00

Notwithstanding the above, any student member who has attained the age of 24 years and can produce evidence that he is still a bona fide student of an institution of higher learning or that he is registered for the Institution's Graduate Examination shall pay the same rate as a Student member below the age of 24.

Payment of Annual Subscription

Annual Subscription shall be payable in advance on 1st January of each year. A person who is admitted, elected or transferred to membership of the Institution between 1st July and 30th September in any year shall pay only half the annual subscription.

The first annual subscriptions of Fellows, Members, Affiliates, Graduates or Students admitted, elected or transferred between the 1st October and the 31 December in any year, or the increase thereof in the case of transfer during this period, shall be in respect of the year commencing on the first day of January next ensuing.

Every Fellow, Member, Affiliate, Graduate or Student shall be liable for the payment of his annual subscription until he has signified to the Honorary Secretary in writing his desire to resign, having previously paid all arrears, including the subscription for the year current at the date of his notice, or until he has forfeited his right to remain in, or be attached to the Institution.

Every Fellow, Member, Affiliate, Graduate or Student on admission, election or transfer as the case may be shall pay the full subscription for the current year in his new grade, except as may be provided for in the Bylaws Section 4.4. Any subscription already paid for that year shall be taken as part payment of the new grade subscription dues.

Every Fellow, Member or Affiliate who has reached the age of sixty-five years on 1st January and who has paid his annual subscription for a period of not less than twenty-five years preceding shall be exempted from payment of further subscription, provided that he is no longer in gainful employment.

Arrears and Penalties

Any member whose subscription is more than three months in arrears shall be so notified by the Honorary Secretary. A member whose subscription becomes six months in arrears shall lose the right to vote and to receive publications normally furnished without special charge to members in good standing.

The Honorary Secretary shall mail a final notice by registered post to the last known address of any member whose subscription becomes nine months in arrears. Any member whose subscription becomes twelve months in arrears shall be reported to the Council who shall have the power to expel the defaulter from the Institution by deleting his name from the Register; provided, however, that the Council for cause deemed by it to be sufficient, may extend the time for payment of arrears of subscriptions and for the application of these penalties.

In the case of any Corporate Member or Affiliate whose earning capacity has been adversely affected by ill-health, or otherwise, the Council may, at their discretion, remit the annual subscription or the arrears of annual subscription which are due from such an individual.

Any alteration in the residence, place of business or employment of any Honorary Fellow, Fellow, Member, Affiliate, Graduate or Student, shall be notified by him to the Honorary Secretary and the amount of the annual subscription due from him shall be varied if necessary, in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Council.


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