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FAQ for Engineering Technologist Competency Assessment (TCA) for admission or transfer to Engineering Technologist Membership (E.T.I.E.M.)

Who Can Apply?

Engineering Technology Degree Holder (Both IEM Engineering Technologist Graduate Member and Non-IEM Engineering Technologist Graduate Member) 

The applicant for admission or transfer to the grade of Engineering Technologist membership  shall produce evidence to the satisfaction of the Council on the following:

i. Graduated from an accredited Engineering Technology degree 
ii. registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) as Engineering Technologist
ii. has obtained at least three (3) years of relevant practical experience from the
   date of registration with BEM  

A summary is as described in the diagram below: 

Note: Special consideration may however be given to applicants who meet the requirements of item (i) and (ii) above, but did not meet the minimum criteria of three (3) years’ registration with BEM as an Engineering Technologist on the date of application.

Senior members of IEM via Senior Bridging Scheme 

The following categories of IEM members may apply to be elected as IEM Engineering Technologist Member via the Senior Bridging Scheme. 

  • Fellow
  • Senior Member
  • Member
  • Senior Graduate Member 

The applicant for election to the grade of Engineering Technologist Member through the Senior Bridging Scheme shall produce evidence to the satisfaction of the Council on the following:

i. registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) as Engineering Technologist
ii. has obtained a minimum of 10 years’ working experience in the relevant field
        (this can be during the career of the applicant, and not necessarily from
        the date of registration with BEM)  

The candidates in this category will only be exempted from the written assessment. 

What is Engineering Technologist Competency Assessment (TCA)?

An applicant who wish to be elected or transferred to the Engineering Technologist Member grade is required to undertake the Engineering Technologist Competency Assessment (TCA).

The specific objectives of the TCA is to assess the applicant’s: 

  • technical competency 
  • personal attributes 
  • ability to communicate effectively
  • commitment to professional conduct  

The TCA consists of two stages: 

Stage 1: Submission of Assessment Application Documents for documentary review of competency evidence to assess Applicant’s eligibility and readiness for the TCA.

Stage 2: In-person assessment of Candidate that comprise of an oral examination as well as writing of one essay on Code of Professional Conduct.

How can I register?

An applicant for Engineering Technologist Competency Assessment (TCA) must submit the following documents duly certified by a Fellow of IEM and a Corporate Member or an Engineering Technologist Member.

  • One (1) copy of Engineering Technologist Member Application Form
  • Two (2) sets of  Technologist Training and Experience Report (Portfolio of Evidence); 
  • Technical Report; and 
  • Application Fee and TCA Assessment Fee

How much is the Technologist Competency Assessment (TCA) Fees?

Items  Amount 
Application  Fee  RM100
TCA Assessment Fee for IEM Engineering Technologist Graduate/Graduate Member  RM200 
TCA Assessment for Non-Engineering Technologist Graduate/Graduate Member  RM250

What is Engineering Technologist?

Engineering Technologist 

  • Engineering Technologist are graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Technology 
  • Engineering technologist education and training are application oriented, focusing among others on applied design, product development, manufacturing, product assurance, operation and maintenance based on current engineering practice standards
  • Engineering technologists are also known as applied engineers or practical engineers and perform engineering works by applying engineering and scientific knowledge combined with technical skills

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