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The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia has signed several Memorandum of Understanding with foreign engineering institutions and societies.Generally, the MoUs were signed with a view to promote, facilitate and extend professional and social links between the foreign engineering institutions and IEM, to the benefit of members of the signatory organisations and to assist in advancing the mobility of engineering practitioners and the quality of engineering practice worldwide.

Through the MoUs, the signatory organisations agree to have general cooperation between one another and thus grant their respective members certain rights and privileges. For example, IEM members can attend and participate in conferences and courses at the other institutions on the same basis and for the same fees as their respective members. In addition, an IEM Member temporarily residing in the country of the institution (i.e. one year or less), upon request to the said institution, would be able to enjoy certain privileges and courtesies as extended to its own members. Such privileges include attendance and participation conferences, technical groups as well as access to publications, public and private web-sites and other member services on the same basis and for the same fees and charges the host’s members.

Each organisation will also extend student membership privileges to student members of the other organisation who are studying in an engineering, technical or scientific field, at the same dues, rates and costs during temporary stays in the host country.

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List of Agreements with Overseas Engineering Institutions

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