Criteria for Application of exemption from IEM Annual Membership Subscription for Unemployed Members who are in the Senior Citizen or Disabled Categories

From the Benevolent Fund Account, the following benefits will be provided to the needy members in this group. The aim is to reduce annual subscription to affordable amount (25% of current fee) for unemployed members who are in the senior citizen or disabled categories, who should fulfill the following conditions.


  1. It is not necessary to complete any application form to The Institution. However formal letter of request must be given.
  2. The Subscription Renewal Form would include a column to indicate on the status of occupation viz retired, retrenched, disabled, suffering from ill health or have changed position. Upon renewal of this form the Secretariat could act based on the information to request the needy member to submit the letter together with any evident of proof.
  3. At the date of application, the applicant should be a valid member of the Institution.


  1. A Corporate Member between the age of 60  to 70 and retired from regular employment and not permanently employed by any company and is unemployed and has paid the IEM annual subscription for twenty years (20).
  2. A Corporate Member who has not reached 60 and has paid the IEM annual subscription for fifteen years (15) not permanently employed by any company and is unemployed due to health reason or permanent disability only.
  3. A Corporate Member who has been retrenched before 60 and is not gainfully employed and have paid the IEM annual subscription for twenty years (20). (This concession becomes invalid as soon as the member is employed again). 
      The applicant should make a statutory declaration regarding the employment status for Category B & C
    1. Members above the age of 70 and who have been paying subscriptions for the last ten (10) years shall be exempted from paying Annual Subscription.


    • Photocopy of IEM M’ship Card;
    • Photocopy of I.C.;
    • Pension Card or Retirement Letter from the Employer;
    • Pension Statement on Monthly Pension being paid (Government Employees only);  OR
    • Certification / Testimonial from previous employer (s);   OR
    • Notification of Cessation of Employment;   OR
    • Medical Certificate or Doctor’s Certification of Health from recognized Authority.

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