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One-Day Workshop on Rock Blasting and Explosive Engineering (Postponed until further notice)
Venue: Wisma IEM
Date & Time: 11 Aug 2015 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM) Postponed
Closing Date Before: 08-Aug-2015 (Subject to change based on availability of seat)
Organised By Technical Division - Oil, Gas and Mining Engineering


Explosive contribution to the National development is immense. Without it, we would not be enjoying of what we have now. We have taken some many things for granted, like good roads and tunnels that we are using today in our daily life; and good houses, ports, airports and shops that we are having now. They are all made up of aggregates, and explosives are used to break the rocks to produce aggregates. Besides, explosive is also being used to remove rocks to empty the space for building construction developments. Furthermore, mining operation and oil exploration also require explosives as well. All these will be contributing to the daily used products, like the electronic gadgets which require plastics and electronic chips. As a result, explosive will be used somewhere along the production chain.

This Workshop will be a series of Courses on the Application of Explosives in mining, quarrying and Construction industries tailored to the engineers and other professionals such as Safety personnel who need to know how explosives are used safely and efficiently in rock blasting operation, mining, quarrying, and construction industries. The Workshop will introduce the various types of explosives used in the commercial application and suitability of particular explosives for a particular application. The right choice of an initiation system, for example, will determine the degree of disturbance to the public and the potential complaints from them which may cause delays in a blasting project. This may also help the project manager to understand the proposal made by the consulting engineer or blasting engineer for a particular blasting project instead of just depend on blasting contractor’s proposal which purely focus on the cheapest costs.

The Workshop is also a good introduction to those who wish to learn about the productive use of explosives in our life. It includes lectures and demonstration of explosive products (dummy samples) used in our industries.

Biodata of Speakers

Ir Hj Look keman Sahari graduated in mining engineering in 1979 from Strathclyde University and M.Sc in Explosives Ordnance Engineering from Royal Military College of Science, Cranfield University in 1991.He worked for 17 years with the Mines Department (Now JMG) and retired in 1996. He now work as Consultant Engineer specializing in Explosives, mining and Construction. He is a committee member of Oil & Gas and Mining technical Division. He had given many lectures on application of explosives in quarrying construction and demolition at IEM. He also regularly gives lectures on the Shotfirer Courses conducted by Institute of Quarrying, Malaysia and supported by Jabatan Mineral and Geoscience.

Mr. Yap Hong Hor graduated with a B.Sc in Chemistry and further obtained a M.Sc from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in 1976. He held the title of a Chartered Chemist and also a Member of the British Royal Chemical Society. He initially joined Tenaga Kimia Snd Bhd as a Chemist in the late 70’s, with responsibilities in QC and R&D work for two-component explosive. In 1983, he was further trained in Nitro Nobel Sweden in the latest technology in 3rd generation Emulsion high explosive. He later assumed the position of Technical Manager and was responsible for all technical matters, techno-marketing as well as technical services to users in the whole of Malaysia. He also helped Tenaga Kimia pursued newer technologies such as Bulk Emulsion in late 1990’s, as well as instrumental in the set up of a Non-electric detonator plant. As Tenaga Kimia expands vigorously regionally, Mr Yap was called upon to build ad serve in a JV company in Thailand from 2006 to 2013. He travels widely to conduct training and holds talks on various subject concerning explosives and safety. He is also the previous trainer for Shotfirer courses conducted by the Police and Mine Dept.

Mr. Mohamad Razif Kemat (Demonstrator) graduated from University Sains Malaysia in Mineral Resources Engineering in 2006.He had  2 years working experience with Apex Granite Sdn Bhd Muar (Hap Seng Quarry) as quarry engineer and 7 years with Tenaga Kimia Sdn Bhd. Joined as Technical Engineer and was promoted as Technical Services Manager in 2013. Went to Cambodia, Brunei and Thailand for giving product knowledge and troubleshooting services in seismic explosive exploration with CGG companies as well as Nippon exploration Oil & Gas in Miri, Sarawak. More than a year working and involved with Phu Bia Copper Gold Mine and BHX Site Laos, Akara Mining Copper-Gold Mine Thailand and BUMA-Leighton Coal Mine Kalimantan Indonesia Project. Giving a training for some subsidiaries on product application at Philippines (tunnel and underground blasting), Singapore (underground electronic det), and Vietnam. He attended Electronic Det training at Kentucky, Atlanta and Texas US under DYNO NOBEL US with expertise in signature whole analysis. Members of EFEE (European Federation Explosive Engineers) in 2010 and ISEE (International Society Explosive Engineers).          

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One-Day Workshop on Rock Blasting and Explosive Engineering (Postponed until further notice)

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