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One-Day Seminar on Construction Blasting: Current Issues
Venue: Wisma IEM
Date & Time: 04 Jun 2014 (9:00 AM - 5:30 PM) Postponed
Closing Date Before: 01-Jun-2014 (Subject to change based on availability of seat)
Organised By Technical Division - Oil, Gas and Mining Engineering


As a result of fast pace development housing, business centres, factories etc are being built near existing structures. Development within city areas for examples requires firm foundation below the surface where underground space are also used as car parks, LRT stations, bus station etc. Excavation of underground space requires the removal of soil and also rocks. In both Selangor and Penang Island the need for building new houses for expanding population requires the cutting and levelling of hilly areas. All these require the use of explosives.

Blasting of rock using explosives near existing structures especially where people live requires special expertise which ordinary shotfirers and even blasting engineers do not learn even in universities. Experience and guide from experienced engineers are needed to ensure successful and safe blasting work.

This one day seminar will discuss the current Regulatory requirements, procedures and also the need for proper competence persons to ensure the safety of the blasting work at construction sites. Standards that are being used as references will also be discussed. Current methodology being practiced will also be shown and case studies from previous project locally and overseas will also be referred.

Not forgetting, the peril of blasting work may result in incidents such as flyrock issues which had caused property damages and sometimes can be fatal. These incidents may result in long work stoppages. Techniques being applied to mitigate flyrock issues and also other environmental issues will be presented. The alternatives means of breaking rocks will also be discussed.

About The Speaker

1.    Ir. Tony Chew
Topic: Regulatory considerations for construction blasting

He graduated in 1999 with B. Eng (Mineral Resources Engineering) from Universiti Sains Malaysia. He joined the Department of Minerals and Geoscience (JMG) as a Mines Officer in 2000. From 2001-2011, he served as Mines Officer in Sabah. In 2005, he graduated with Master of Business Administration from Universiti Sabah Malaysia. Currently he is the Deputy Director of Department of Minerals & Geoscience Selangor heading the Mining and Quarry Division and is also in charge of overseeing all construction blasting work in the State of Selangor.
JMG oversees all the Construction Blasting work in the state of Selangor as the expert Department and set the policy and operational conditions to ensure the safety of blasting work

2.    Juna Azleen Bin Abdul Ghani
Topic: Types of Controlled Blasting at Construction Area

Juna Azlin graduated from University of Science Malaysia in 1998 with Degree in Mineral Resources Engineering. After graduation he worked with Kota Minerals and Chemicals Sdn Bhd as Drilling Fluid Engineer , then as a Metallurgist with Penjom Gold Mines and finally  in year 2000 joined Mineral and Geoscience Department as Mines Officer  serving in many states. He is now the Deputy Director for the States of Kedah, Pulau Pinang and Perlis heading the Mining and Quarry Division. He also oversees and also coordinates the Construction Blasting work in those states. In year 2012 he was conferred the Master’s degree by USM specialising in   Blasting technology

3.    Ir. Hj Look Keman Bin Sahari
Topic: Adverse Environment Effect of Blasting with special reference to flyrock incidents

He graduated in 1979 with B. Sc (Mining Engineering) from Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland. He joined the Research Division of the Mine Department as a Research Officer in the Mining technology/ Geotechnical Engineering Division specialising in slope engineering. From 1983-1996 he served as Inspector of Mines within the same Department (now part of JMG) in Perak, Selangor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. In 1990 he furthers his studies (M.Sc in Explosives Ordnance Engineering) at Royal Military College of Science, Cranfield University, England. He had also attended course on Open Pit Blasting and Underground Mining at Queen‘s University Canada in 1995 and also Advance Blasting Courses locally. In 2012 he attended a Tunnelling Workshop by Drill & Blast at New Delhi, India He had also given regular lectures on Shotfiring Techniques at Institute of Quarrying and also lectures on Construction blasting at IEM. He retired in 1996 from the Government Service and has been working as Consultant /Blasting Engineer specialising in Explosives and Rock Blasting ever since.  

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One-Day Seminar on Construction Blasting: Current Issues

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