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2-Days Physical Course on “Optimizing Compressed Air System Energy Efficiency”
Venue: Wisma IEM
Date & Time: 26 Oct 2022 to 27 Oct 2022 (9:00 AM - 5:30 PM) Postponed
CPD: 14
Closing Date Before: 23-Oct-2022 (Subject to change based on availability of seat)
Organised By Technical Division - Mechanical Engineering (METD)


The objectives of this course is to introduce and provide understanding of compressed air system; the various air compressors, air storage system, air treatment system, as well as the efficient design consideration of the compressed air system. This course will focus on the system optimization approach on the compressed air system taking into consideration the end use requirement, distribution system and compressed air station supply side management. The system optimization approach provides an overall energy saving besides ensuring the compressed air system performance and reliability. Efficient and reliable compressed air system reduces energy consumption and downtime besides ensuring smooth production and operation in the industrial plants.
In summary, this course will provide the participants with experiences in compressed air system design, selection of air compressor, optimizing compressed air system to improve efficiency and best practices in maintenance and operation to achieve high system reliability. At the end of the course, we hope plant engineers and facility users will be able to optimize the existing compressed air system and reduce the energy consumption hence the cost of energy.


Ir. Luk Chau Beng is Professional Engineer and holds a Masters Degree in Engineering Management with specialization in Energy, a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, First Grade Steam and Internal Combustion Engine issued by DOSH as well as a Registered Eletrical Energy Malager. He had more than 35 years of experince in operting, maintaining and turnaround of a power plant covering boilers, steam turbines, combustion turbines, compressed air system etc.

Apart from that, Ir. Luk was the past Chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Technical Division of IEM as well as a former Council Member of IEM. He holds several national chairmanships which include Chairman for ISO TC 11 on boiler and unfired pressure vessel, TC on mechanical engineering components with Standard Malaysia and also chaired two publication under KeTHA, the Malaysian Energy Efficiency Guidelines for pumps, compressor, boilers, furnace and thermal oil heater for KeTTHA. He is a Certified Trainer by HRDF Malaysia, Certified Professional of Measurement & Verification (CPMV), and national expert in steam, pumps, fans, energy management optimization and solar thermal systems by (UNIDO)

Ts. Kelvin Low graduated in B.E (Hons) from University of Technology Malaysia in 2002 and M.Eng (Electrical Energy and Power System) from University of Malaya in 2012. He has more than 10 years experiences in M&E project management and 15 years extensive experiences in high and medium pressure compressed air system and low pressure blower system. He involved in compressed air system designing, installation, testing & commissioning, marketing and provide technical solution for various industries segmentation including food and beverage, petrol chemical, oil & gas, cement plant, automobile, electronic/semiconductor as well as gas separation plant etc. He started his own industry facility management & aftermarket sales service company since year 2014. Currently, he is in consultancy & advisory business and is actively providing optimization solution, green/energy saving compressed air solution and system optimization training. His specialties including compressed air system audit and heat recovery system in air compressor. Besides that, he also holds the following competency certificate - Certified Trainer by HRDF Malaysia, Certified Professional of Measurement & Verification (CPMV), National Expert in Compressed Air System and Fan System Optimization by (UNIDO).

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2-Days Physical Course on “Optimizing Compressed Air System Energy Efficiency”

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