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SEMBANG CHILLEX KEJURUTERAAN EPISODE 4 - Environmental Engineering - Kerjaya Kami
Venue: Digital Platform
Date & Time: 22 Jan 2022 (1:30 PM - 3:45 PM) Closed
CPD: 0
Closing Date Before: 19-Jan-2022 (Subject to change based on availability of seat)
Organised By Standing Committee on Corporate Affairs

Meet the Moderators

1) Ir. Ts. Dr. Dewika Naidu
Chemical Engineering, Senior Lecturer

With all tertiary degrees attained from UTM accompanied by vast industrial experience and passion for teaching, she constantly strives to contribute to education and industry. She is currently an engineering lecturer at a Private University.

2) Ms. Ayesha Nafisah
Chemical Engineering, Flow Assurance Engineer

Ayesha has over 13 years of experience in the industry; currently practicing as a Flow Assurance engineer in a consultant firm. She loves strolling along white sandy beaches and is passionate about the arts.

Meet the Panelists

1) Ir. Ts. Dr. Teo Fang Yenn
Civil Engineering, Academician

Dr. Teo is an Associate Professor of Water Engineering at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. With over 20 years of experience in the field of civil & environmental engineering, he is not just an expert in the field but an ardent fan of nature.

2) Ir. Zulaikha Mokhtar
Chemical Engineering, Regulator

Ir. Zulaikha has been working for 13 years in the DOE. She has an array of professional competencies such as CePIETSI, CePSI, CePBFI, CePSWI, SHO, and RPO. She used to serve as the Head of Prosecution Unit in DOE Selangor.

3) Ir. Ammar Mohd. Rashid
Civil Engineering, Entrepreneur

Ir. Ammar is the Managing Director of AMR Environmental Sdn. Bhd., an ISO 9001 company that provides environmental services mainly in obtaining project approvals specializing in Wasteto-Energy plants, environmental monitoring, remediation, and training, serving GLC’s and multinational companies locally and internationally.

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SEMBANG CHILLEX KEJURUTERAAN EPISODE 4 - Environmental Engineering - Kerjaya Kami

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