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4-Saturday Course on PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSTRUCTION PRACTICE ENGINEERING DESIGN (Rescheduled from 19 February 2022)
Venue: Bangunan Ingenieur, 07- GETD Lecture Room, Second Floor
Date & Time: 26 Feb 2022 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
CPD: 0
Closing Date Before: 23-Feb-2022 (Subject to change based on availability of seat)
Organised By Special Committee on IEM Structured Training


Over the years, it has been observed that many graduate engineers are unable to present themselves for the Professional Interview (PI) conducted by the IEM because they possess insufficient design experience, which is a prerequisite. This intensive design course will therefore prepare potential candidates for the said PI. 

Course Overview

This course is to provide the candidate the knowledge to understand areas on the following:
-Understand the contractual requirement of the site
-Define the scope of works
-Prepare strategies for completion of works
-Manage safety and health of workers and public at the site
-Review existing site conditions
-Carry out the quality assurance and compliance plan
-Requirements of engineering survey
-Ensure proper communication and documentation
-Administer project control and scheduling
-Site safety, health and environmental requirements

Course Format

The course consists of formal content presentation. The facilitators’ style involves intensive participant participation.

Biodata of Facilitator

1) Ir. Faizal A. Sanusi

Ir. Faizal A. Sanusi has served the Project Management Technical Division in IEM since 2005, including as its Chairman in 2012. He has a BSc in Civil Engineering from the George Washington University, USA in 1988 and an MBA from Open University, Malaysia in 2005.

His engineering and project management experience spans across the oil & gas and building industry since he began his career 30 years ago. In his career, he has performed various roles ranging from design engineer, resident engineer, project engineer, project manager and project advisor for a myriad of engineering projects – civil Infrastructure works, commercial buildings including an intelligent office institutional building, gas processing plants, offshore gas pipeline installations and offshore gas producing platforms. He also challenged himself as an entrepreneur in the business of facilities management for oil and gas on-shore installations and has provided trainings in various project management topics to the Royal Malaysian Navy and private commercial property developers.

Some of his notable career highlights as follows:
1. Project Advisor and Project Services Manager for Oil & Gas Exploration & Production MNCs
2. Project Services Division Head for a local Offshore Oil & Gas Service Provider
3. Project Manager for the Malaysian Securities Commission 4 star intelligent building project
4. Director of a local Facilities Management company overseeing Oil & Gas O&M projects

While he is currently the Principal Consultant of Centaur Project Controls Sdn. (a Project Management consulting firm), he mainly indulges his time in creating project management microapps to aid him in his profession.

2) Ir. Gunasagaran Kristnan

Ir. Gunasagaran Kristnan graduated from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA with a Bachelor  of Science in Engineering (Civil Engineering) in 1984. He obtained his Professional Engineer status in 1990. He also a Fellow member of IEM and Honorary Fellow of AFEO.

He had experience as a Road Contractor for over 35 years and Civil Engineering consultant. He was also the Past Honorary  Secretary of IEM, Excomm and Council Member.  Past Chairman of HTETD. A Certified IBS Trainer by CIDB,  Certified MYscessm trainer by CIDB. Working group committee member of CIDB on the conversion of MYscessm to MS Civil engineering standard of measurement.

PEPC Experience in civil construction work: building, factory, resist one retaining wall system and structural design works. He is also specialise in Special interest Civil Engineering Contract, Adjudication and Arbitration; Geotechnical. Pavement and Transportation, IBS.

* Limited to 20 Participants only *
* Closing date for Registration:  24 February 2022

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4-Saturday Course on PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSTRUCTION PRACTICE ENGINEERING DESIGN (Rescheduled from 19 February 2022)

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