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WEBINAR - Talk on Malaysia's First Living Green Roof Campus (Heriot-Watt University Malaysia)
Venue: Digital Platform
Date & Time: 15 Aug 2020 (9:00 AM - 11:30 AM) Closed
CPD: 2.5
Closing Date Before: 12-Aug-2020 (Subject to change based on availability of seat)
Organised By Special Interest Group - Urban Engineering Development (UEDSIG)


Heriot-Watt University Malaysia is a masterpiece landmark on the shoreline of Putrajaya’s lake, with its beauty-in-simplicity ascending arch appearance. This building features the largest green roof in the country, acts as both a natural shading roof and mitigating heat island to the surrounding environment.
The iconic green roof is the first of its kind in Malaysia. There is a 30 degrees curvature on the green roof from the ground to the fourth floor’s roof. This green roof is accessible by pedestrians from the base of the building to the top floor. It also acts as a viewing platform that commands a spectacular view of Putrajaya lakeside and its surroundings.

Erosion control, soil weight, water loading together with tropical torrential downpours are the main challenges that could erode soils arising from surface runoff on the green roof. A control measure among others was implemented in order to mitigate the adverse effects by adopting an intelligent drainage system that comprised drainage cells, being the versiDrain 25p for effective water discharge capacity.

One of the innovative construction methodologies adopted by the project team was the simultaneous construction from both ends of the building instead of the normal sequencing to roof coordinates, with respective coordinates progressively precision monitored in order to attain the desired design curves intent.
The Talk will share the challenges which potentially could have triggered additional costs and delays, has it not been effectively managed and resolved immediately.


Ms. Aniszawati binti Ismail – Head of Section at Lot 8MD3 (KLCC Projeks Sdn Bhd)

Ms. Aniszawati binti Ismail completed her Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Building Management at the University of Coventry, United Kingdom. A decade later, she completed her Master of Science in Integrated Construction Project Management. Todate, Ms. Aniszawati has over 24 years of professional experience. Her experiences comprise 5 years with contractors, 20 years in project management and has been with KLCC Projeks Sdn Bhd (KLCCP) since 2000.

Presently, Ms. Aniszawati is the Project Manager for another prestigious project managed by KLCCP, being Lot 8MD3 a mixed development at Precinct 8, Putrajaya. She is leading the above project which involved four (4) sectionals completion with construction cost of RM 498 million. The abovesaid project is scheduled for completion by August 2020. Progressive sectional handovers will proceed until September 2023.

Ms. Aniszawati’s notable completed projects with KLCCP are as follows:

(i) Istana Selangor - RM 19 million
(ii) Government Offices 2G3 & 2G4 - RM 400 million
(iii) Equestrian Park - RM 20 million
(iv) Piling and Substructure Works at Lot 4G6 for Government Office - RM 168 million
(v) Government Office at Lots 4G8 & 4G9 - RM 456 million
(vi) City Campus for Heriot-Watt University Malaysia - RM118 million

Prior to KLCCP, Ms. Aniszawati garnered valuable experience working with contractors namely, Percon Corporation and Panzana Enterprise Sdn Bhd.

Ar. Serina Hijjas – Principal Director (HIJJAS Architects + Planners)

This generation architect of the HIJJAS’s fame namely, Ar. Serina Hijjas is one of the creative partners at HIJJAS Architects & Planners. Ar. Serina is known for changing the building landscape of architecture through buildings that are responsive, energy conscious + bold. Her formative years exposed her to energy efficiency and sustainable design commencing from the Heriot-Watt University Malaysia to the New Shell & Celcom Towers. Ar. Serina’s approach to design is holistic, cognisant of placemaking + environmental sustainability, with a view in generating new strategies in every project.

The esteemed HIJJAS is presently involved in an Urban Regeneration Incorporating Waste to Energy Project. In addition, Ar. Serina lectures on Rethinking Sustainability as well as is a working member of the Green Building Index and Malaysian Green Building Council.

Ir. Yusniza Yem

Ir. Yusniza Yem graduated from the University of Technology MARA, Shah Alam, Selangor with an Honours Degree in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in 2003. She has more than 15 years of experience in the engineering and construction industry, mainly in building services.

Previously, she was with Perunding Wangsa Sdn Bhd involved in all related M & E works for Heriot-Watt University Malaysia from design stage till project completion.

Limited to 470 participants only (first come basis) and invitation email will be sent for successful registration latest by 14 August 2020 @ 5.00 PM

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WEBINAR - Talk on Malaysia's First Living Green Roof Campus (Heriot-Watt University Malaysia)

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