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WEBINAR - “Blasting And Blast Monitoring Techniques For Underground Space”
Venue: Digital Platform
Date & Time: 26 Aug 2020 (9:00 AM - 11:00 AM) Closed
CPD: 2
Closing Date Before: 23-Aug-2020 (Subject to change based on availability of seat)
Organised By Technical Division - Tunneling and Underground Space Engineering (TUSTD)


In recent years there has been an increasing attention on blasting activity at quarry operation as well as constructional blasting work especially on the environmental impacts of blasting. This talk will discuss the correct blast monitoring in a proper manner to ensure that the results captured are both reliable and precise.

In addition, exploration of new technology in blasting will be highlighted using the WebGen 100. WebGen 100 provides a Step Change in Blasting Technology allowing pre-charging which completely revolutionizes the way mines are able to operate. In this topic we will discuss the history of blasting technology leading up to this latest innovation, highlight the limitations which the industry has faced up until now and briefly look at what is possible using this new technology.  

Finally, it will draw on real world examples from several vibration and air-blast sensitive tunnelling projects throughout Asia and Australia and discuss the challenges faced and how they were overcome through the use of technology and improved blasting methodologies.


1) Ir. Juna Azleen bin Abdul Ghani

Ir. Juna Azleen bin Abdul Ghani graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang in Mineral Resources Engineering in 1998. In the year 2000, he joined Jabatan Mineral &Geosains (JMG) and started his service at JMG Head Quarter in Kuala Lumpur.  

Then in 2010 he pursued Master of Science in Mineral Resources Engineering at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang. His study was about determination of site factors for scaled distance technique for blasting activity at quarry. Currently he is a Deputy Director of Quarry and Mines at JMG Johor.     

Ir. Juna Azleen has interest in blasting especially in production blasting at quarry as well as controlled blasting at construction area. He is regularly invited to present papers on blasting at seminars and symposiums, and had also given lectures at courses related to blasting and blast monitoring conducted by the Institute of Quarrying Malaysia, Malaysia (IQM), Quarrying Association and Institutions of higher learning.  

He is a Professional Engineer registered with Board of Engineer Malaysia, a Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia and a committee member of Certification Panel for Shotfirer Certificate

2) Mr. Guy Murchie

Mr. Guy Murchie graduated from University of New South Wales in Sydney in 2015. While studying his Bachelors of Engineering with a Major in Mining Engineering at the University of New South Wales, he simultaneously worked for an Underground Contract Mining Company at a medium sized gold mine in a variety of roles including, Jumbo Driller, Charging crew and Haulage operator in which gave him a significant insight into Underground Mining Operations and in particular Narrow Vein Stoping Mining Methods.

Upon completion of his Degree, he was employed by Orica, one of the world’s largest commercial explosive supplier globally. He initially commenced working in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia as a Technical Services Engineer, providing underground mines with advice and training on how to maximise blasting efficiency.

He was soon asked to relocate to South Australia to be the site Engineer for BHP – Olympic Dam, one of the largest mines in the world, and the largest known single deposit of uranium in the world. While working at Olympic Dam, he undertook several continuous improvement projects including drilling efficiency programs, new product trials, and one of the first ever wireless blasting trials using WebGen.

During the webinar session, both speakers would share their knowledge on

 Safe & Efficient Blast Design by Ir. Juna Azleen bin Abdul Ghani
 Recent Explosive Innovation – Wireless Blasting Underground by Mr. Guy Murchie
 Underground Blasting Case Study – Managing the Environmental Impacts of Blasting in
    Tunnels Through the Use of Electronic Blasting Systems by Mr. Guy Murchie

Limited to 470 participants only (first come basis) and invitation email will be sent for successful registration latest by 25 August 2020 @ 5.00 PM

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WEBINAR - “Blasting And Blast Monitoring Techniques For Underground Space”

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