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WEBINAR - One Day Course on Project Schedule Management - Rescheduled from 15 December 2020
Venue: Digital Platform
Date & Time: 18 Feb 2021 (9:00 AM - 5:30 PM) Closed
CPD: 7
Closing Date Before: 15-Feb-2021 (Subject to change based on availability of seat)
Organised By Technical Division - Project Management


One of the primary criteria for project success is the completion of the project within the sanctioned project completion date. To achieve this, a structured methodology is necessary to manage the schedule comprising the planning and controlling of the schedule. Project Schedule Management is a Project Management discipline that is deeply integrated with other facets of the project such as Project Cost Management, Project Financing and Risk Management.

Short exercises covering key concepts will be carried out to ensure that participants obtain the benefits of the course. The course is fashioned to be pragmatic and applicable to projects in any industry. Project Schedule Management is a strategic tool for large magnitude and complex projects and hence this course would be extremely relevant for project stakeholders who have KPIs of cost and time which are highly constrained in this economic environment.


Ir. Faizal A. Sanusi has served the Project Management Technical Division in IEM since 2005, including as its Chairman in 2012. He has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the George Washington University, USA in 1988, and an MBA from Open University, Malaysia in 2005. His engineering and project management experiences span across the oil & gas and building industry since his began his career 30 years ago.
In his career he has performed various role ranging from design engineer, resident engineer, project engineer and project manager for a myriad of engineering projects-civil infrastructure works, commercial building including an intelligent office institutional building, gas processing plants, offshore gas pipeline installations and offshore gas producing platforms. He also challenged himself as an entrepreneur in the business of facilities management for oil and gas on-shore installations and has provided training in various project management topics to the Royal Malaysian Navy and private commercial property developers.

Some of his notable career highlights as follows:

• Project Advisor and Project Service Manager for Oil & Gas Exploration & Production of MNCs
• Project Services Division Head for a local offshore Oil & Gas Service Provider
• Project Manager for the Malaysian Securities Commission 4 star intelligent building project
• Director of a local facilities management company overseeing oil & Gas O&M project

Limited to 470 participants only (first come basis) and confirmation email will be sent for successful registration latest by 17 February 2021 @ 5.00 PM

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One Day Course on Project Schedule Management - Rescheduled from 15 December 2020

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