The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) was established in 1959 and its primary function is to promote and advance the science and profession of engineering in any or all of its disciplines and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas related to engineering.

The governing body of the IEM is the Council, headed by the President. The affairs of the Council are carried out by the Executive Committee comprising the President, Deputy President, seven Vice Presidents, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and five members elected from the Council. Operations are supported by a full time Secretariat.

Membership of the Institution is currently about 45,000 and the growth rate is about 10% per annum making it one of the largest professional organization in the country. In order to support the needs of members, the IEM has 8 Standing Committees to attend to the different administrative functions of the Institution. To support the multidisciplinary needs of engineering practice, there are 16 Technical Divisions and 4 Special Interest Groups to look after and to organize activities for the different disciplines. There is also a Young Engineer Section and Women Engineers Section that caters exclusively to the younger members and women engineers respectively.


The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia aims to be the premier learned engineering society championing the adoption of ethics and professional best practices in all sectors of the industry.


IEM shall
    • promote sound professional engineering practice in support of the socio-economic development objectives of the nation.
    • service the needs and interests of its members and the public and uphold the social standing image of the engineering profession.
    • contribute towards nation building and shall strive to enhance society's consciousness of science and technology.


    IEM is a society established to promote and advance the Science and Profession of Engineering in any or all its disciplines and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas related to Engineering.

    Objectives of The Institution

    The objectives of the Institution as set out in the Constitution shall include the following:
    • to hold meetings, exhibitions and visits, and such other activities as The Institution may deem incidental or conducive to the promotion or attainment of the profession of engineering.
    • to raise the character and status and advance the interests of the profession of engineering and those engaged therein;
    • to promote honourable practice. and professional etiquette among members of The Institution;
    • to communicate to members information on all matters affecting the profession of engineering and to print, publish, issue and circulate such publications as may seem conducive to any of the objectives of the Institution; and
    • to do such other things as the Institution may think incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of The Institution


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