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Talk on “Essential Knowledge of Superflat Concrete Floor”
Venue: Wisma IEM, 01- Auditorium Tan Sri Prof. Chin Fung Kee, Third Floor
Date & Time: 25 Apr 2017 (5:35 PM - 7:30 PM)
Closing Date Before: 22-Apr-2017


This talk introduces topics of best practices to build superflat concrete floors with recommended specifications to meet floor tolerance to facilitate smooth and efficient performance of lift-trucks/forklift. Discussion on how to comply with the varies international standards (ASTM, BS, DIN) available when constructing whether a moderate floor, flat floor or a superflat floor.

Learn how not to under-specify or over-specify concrete floors. Case studies and what are the floor measuring instruments available, e.g. Dipstick and F-metertalk is focused on current industry best practice and actual projects.


Lim Eng Hock (Zack) earned his bachelor degree in engineering from The City University (London) in year 1981. He is the Immediate Past President of American Concrete Institute(ACI)- Malaysia Chapter and Managing Director of Zacklim Flat Floor, specializing in construction of flat floors for carparks, factories and superflat floor for warehouses. Today floor specification and finishes is getting popular due to higher demand and expectation by owners, as such it is important to understand the different types of floor standard and how to specify the right floor specification. He has amassed great experience and gained recognition in the industrial flooring field to share his knowledge. He has been actively involved in promoting how to build better floors and extolling the virtues of best practices both in designing and building world class concrete floors.

Personal involvements in the development of concrete flooring in Malaysia

Constructing world class concrete floorings has become a passion for Zack Lim. In his pursuit in establishing the best practice in concrete flooring which involves in-depth analysis and understanding of the peculiarities and properties of concrete he has, over, the past few years, worked very closely with various professors and concrete specialists from renowned universities in various countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and USA. He is currently the immediate past president of ACI Kuala Lumpur Chapter and is very actively involved in working with and advising young engineers, contractors and ready-mixed concrete suppliers and constantly extolling the virtues of best practice in the construction of concrete flooring in Malaysia.

It is, without a question of doubt, over the several years The ACI Kuala Lumpur Chapter has made great strides in promoting concrete awareness, and in collaboration with the faculty of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Zack Lim has, tirelessly and unstintingly, over the past three years, invited many lecturers and speakers from USA, Australia, India, Egypt, UK, Pakistan etc. and has very successfully organised seminars on.

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Talk on “Essential Knowledge of Superflat Concrete Floor”

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