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Talk on “iScada to Replace Existing CMS Link to BOMBA”
Venue: Wisma IEM, 02- C&S Lecture Room, Second Floor, 03- TUS Lecture Room, Second Floor
Date & Time: 18 Jul 2017 (5:30 PM - 7:30 PM)
Closing Date Before: 15-Jul-2017


Bomba sent a circular to IEM on the 8th April 2016 “Pelaksanaan System Pengawasan Kebakaran Automatik (SPKA) stating Iscada Net Sdn Bhd will replacing the existing Computerized Monitoring System (CMS) providers, namely Master Pyroserve Sdn Bhd and ABL Security Sdn Bhd.

Iscada Net Sdn Bhd will monitor the fire situation of designated premises using web technology operating on a “cloud” computing platform and is referred as iBOSS (iSnet-based Bomba Operating Safety System). The service is now available hence fire monitoring service is in the midst of transition. In this respect all new and existing designated buildings are required to engage Iscada Net Sdn Bhd to install the new system.

This talk would cover how the web technology operates and also for members to understand the procedures to have the system installed at new or existing designated buildings.


Eddy is presently the CEO of Devices World and CTO of iSnet, companies involved in conceptualizing, developing and deploying hosted data acquisition systems.  His intimate knowledge of the business processes applicable to presently deployed, data acquisition infrastructures based around cloud computing technology allows him to provide highly effective advise on using these infrastructure elements to derive innovative solutions used in addressing evolving business and technology issues. One of these emerging business areas is nationwide fire safety monitoring technology. Apart from this area of specialization, Eddy also has expertise in business/technology risk mitigation and conceptualization of new business processes to accommodate advanced IT technology usage in many environments.

Eddy has very diverse technology deployment experience in an engineering and technology career spanning 36 years.  As a data acquisition engineer operating in the oil industry (working for Schlumberger, a multinational technology company), he was involved in managing and deploying highly advanced data acquisition systems using state of the art data acquisition technology.  He moved on to a manufacturing environment where he developed an expertise in energy (KWh) metering, water and gas metering systems, automated meter reading systems and smart grid technology.  He was also at various    times responsible for managing the deployment of large scale IT systems in government (MyKad, Passport), the banking segment (EMV credit cards), transportation (common ticketing system – Touch & Go) and also the fuel retail industry where he was lead technology and business consultant for Shell,    advising on their cashless retail payment systems.  Eddy moved into ‘cloud’ computing technology when he accepted the position as CEO of Devices World S/B in 2009.

Eddy is a committee member of the Information Communication Technology Special Interest Group (ICTSIG) in the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).

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Talk on “iScada to Replace Existing CMS Link to BOMBA”

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