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Process and Engineering Design of a Crude Oil Refinery and Tank Farm - Premised On Process Safety & Environmental Sustainability
Venue: Bangunan Ingenieur, 07- GETD Lecture Room, Second Floor
Date & Time: 14 Sep 2019 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
CPD/PDP: 144
Closing Date Before: 11-Sep-2019 (Subject to change based on availability of seat)
Organised By Special Committee on IEM Structured Training


Ir.  Razmahwata Razali, FIEM, PEng  Ir.  Rafil Elyas, PEng, Ir.  Mohd Nor Ab Basar, FIEM, PEng and Ir. Juares R Abd Hamid, FIEM, PEng


The program aims to realize the experiential learning of industry-typical knowledge, skills, and practices in process and engineering design – herein of an integrated facility consisting of a simple Crude Oil Refinery and a Tank Farm. A participant Trainee will be involved in a collaborative exercise with respective Facilitators/Trainers to be mentored/coached to complete the Design Work for the above captioned benchmarked project, defined as one that has actually been proven, previously and in principle, as good for completing a detailed engineering.

Design Work will envisage execution of a set of inter-related task activities of a typical but simulated engineering design office exercises to complete the Project, all within 48 modulated Half-Day Sessions – and whilst having attended at least 80%, including the last two of them. Upon assessed completion, participant Trainees will have had been exposed to and acquired the basic, and including key, competencies needful toward delivering due industry-typical Design document and reports developed based on prepared data sheets, calculations, diagrams, drawings, specifications, preliminary cost estimates, economic analysis, and project life cycle analysis – all to be achieved within the specified timelines and quality. [A PDF image of the program session details, and the standard FAQs can be viewed on the IEM website]

The program has been endorsed by IEM as meeting, in principle, an equivalent six (6) month experiential exposure in Design – the minimum Design exposure required to qualify as a graduate Chemical Engineer candidate for the IEM’s Professional Interview (PI).


1. Ir. Razmahwata Mohd Razalli (Wata)

A registered Professional Engineer with Practicing Certificate, is a Fellow Member of the IEM. He has 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, in both design and operations. He has upstream and downstream experience in process safety, measurement and allocation, process engineering, offshore technical support, and is also a training provider. He has conducted all Formal Safety Assessment (FSA)  and HSE Case workshops, for example HAZID, HAZOP, Hazards & Effects Register (HER), BowTie, safety critical element (SCE) / performance standard (PS) reviews.

Wata joined ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc shortly after graduation in 1995 as a process engineer in the design department. In 1998, he was reassigned to EMEPMI’s operations department. His responsibility was to provide technical support to an offshore production facility, eventually accepting responsibility as lead facilities engineer. His tasks were varied, included troubleshooting day to day challenges, managing retrofit projects, and leading safety cases.  He was made the Company’s custody metering engineer in 2001, charged with leading the exercise to ensure the Company compliance with industry and company specifications was enhanced. During his tenure, a number of continuous improvements were initiated. He was involved in a number of management level committees.

Whilst in Poyry, Wata has been a Senior Process Engineer and General Manager. He provided technical leadership and business development functions. Wata was a Director of Synergy Oil & Gas Engineering Sdn. Bhd., a PETRONAS licensed company. In addition to business development, he provided leadership roles for technical safety, measurement and allocation, and operations support.

Wata is currently a Director of IGL Services Sdn. Bhd. His current technical roles involve leading technical safety assessments and workshops, measurement and allocation reviews, and providing training on HAZOP, SIL and SIL LOPA methods.
He is a graduate in Chemical Engineering (B.A, Masters Engineering)(Cambridge Univ, 1995)

2. Ir. Rafil Elyas

Ir. Rafil Elyas is the Founder and Principal Engineer of East One-Zero-One Sdn Bhd (East101), a specialist engineering consultancy company. He has been in the oil and gas industry for 29 years focusing on the development and implementation of simulation based solutions for process design, operations troubleshooting and optimization of offshore facilities, refineries, gas plants and LNG facilities.  Fundamental skills and experience were acquired when he started his career at PETRONAS Research and Scientific Services in 1990 as a process simulation engineer. This was followed by work at the three major process and pipeline technology providers, Simulation Sciences (now Schneider Electric), Hyprotech and Aspentech, from a period from 1995 to 2003, entering as a technical support engineer at Simsci and leaving as a senior consultant and Managing Director at Hyprotech – Aspentech Malaysia.  In addition to providing engineering consultancy, Ir. Rafil is also involved in engineering training and education.

Ir. Rafil Elyas has taught with the John M. Campbell Group (now Petroskills), frequently conducts public and in-house training on steady state and dynamic simulation of production facilities, gas plants and refineries, and serves as an adjunct lecturer/industrial advisor of Chemical Engineering at University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UiTM).  Ir. Rafil holds a BSc. Chemical Engineering from Syracuse University, New York, USA. He is also a registered Professional Engineer with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) and a Chartered Engineer and Fellow for the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).

3. Ir. Mohd Nor Abd Basar

A registered Professional Engineer with Practicing Certificate, and also a registered ASEAN Eng. under the AFEO and a certified ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer (ACPE). A Fellow Member of the IEM, and is also a Member of the Institute Of Materials Malaysia, and a Member of the Malaysian Institute of Management.

He is a Director of MECIP (M) Sdn Bhd and MECIP Global Engineers Sdn Bhd, and the Principal Process Engineer at the latter. He had previously served as a Principal Consultant (Process and Engineering coordination) at the Plant and Process Sector of KTA Tenaga Sdn Bhd, Engineering Manager at Ancom Energy & Services Sdn. Bhd, and General Manager of MPE Lindung Sdn.Bhd.

He has over 36 years of  experience in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry, covering plant engineering in the downstream sector – including managing Plant Changes (Project Engineering) in a Petroleum Refinery and Technical Services in an Ethylene Plant – at Kerteh in Terengganu. He has been engaged as a Master Coach (2007-2009), and to date continued to be re-engaged, by a multi-national company to manage Technical Coaching in process and engineering design for the young engineers across several executive engineering skill groups. He has also been a HAZOP Leader for several plant modifications in the Oil & Gas industry. In service to continual professional development, he is currently a registered Mentor (Chemical Engineering) with the IEM’s Log Book Training Scheme as well as a Principal Interviewer and an Assessor for the IEM’s Professional Interview and BEM’s Professional Assessment Examination.

He has a MBA (University of Malaya, 2003) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) (Hons) degree (University of Malaya, 1980)

4. Ir Juares R Abd Hamid

A registered Professional Engineer with Practicing Certificate, is a Fellow Member of the IEM. He has held roles and responsibilities of line and managerial executive engineer, project manager, consultant engineer, and company director – all while in and through salaried employment (22+ years, PETRONAS) and self-employment (15+ years) in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry. In self-employment, he has been a freelance consultant, an associated principal on Process/Project Management to an engineering design consultancy (MECIP Global Engineers), and a Director of a process safety management consultancy (Winmore Engineering).

Experiential competencies acquired since have been in business management, project management, chemical and process engineering design, process operations, project engineering, process safety management, health/safety/environmental system management, plant and facility auditing, as well as engineer training and development including mentoring and coaching.

He had been a registered Subject Consultant with the Department of Environment (DOE), a trained Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) Auditor, and a certified Business/Executive Coach (UMCCed). He has since 2004 also been serving on several advisory appointments and academic engagements by invitation at, in all, six (6) Malaysian universities.

He is a graduate in Chemical Engineering (Pennsylvania State University,1979) and Industrial Chemistry (UiTM, 1975)  

REGISTRATION & FEE: (Limited to 25 Participants only)

1. Normal Rate for IEM Corporate Member / IEM Graduate Member is RM 9,600.00 (inclusive of SST) payable in a maximum of two (2)
installments, as follows :-

i)  80% for the first instalment (due 2 weeks before program commencement)
ii) 20% for the second instalment (due on the 1st week of the 3rd month)

2. Online Rate (at no provision of instalment payments, and payable 2 weeks before program commencement) is as follows :-

i)  RM 8,160 (inclusive of SST) for IEM Graduate Member
ii) RM 8,640 (inclusive of SST) for IEM Corporate Member

Applicable to both the Normal Rate and Online Rate payment modes, a group of 3 or more registrants from the same organization will be entitled to a 20% discount for each Graduate Member and a 15% for each Corporate Member.

3. Program Fee for IEM Non-Member (at no provision of instalment payments, and payable 2 weeks before program commencement) as follows :-

i)  Normal Rate Fee of RM 10,560.00 (inclusive of SST)
ii)  Online Rate Fee of RM 10,032.00 (inclusive of SST)

Applicable to both the Normal Rate Fee and Online Rate Fee payment modes, a group of 3 participants or more from the same organization will be entitled to a 10% discount for each registrant.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:- If I withdraw from the course upon paying the fee, will I be entitled for a  refund?
A:- Full refund less 30% if cancellation is received in writing more than 7 days before  start date of the event.

Q:- Apart from attendance, how will the participating engineers be evaluated?
A:- A minimum attendance of 80%, including at the last two, of the 48 Half-Day Sessions is required to enable initial qualification for a participant to be assessed for Project-related assignment(s) and the Session Quizzes. [Note: Assessment will be based on performance in, both, individual and group Project-related assignments, including presentations, and Session Quizzes]

Q:-  Upon registration and payment of fee and if I am unable to attend, can someone  else replace me?
A:- Yes, you can assign an equivalently qualified replacement, and such replacement must be prior approved by IEM and be effected not later than the third (3rd) of the forty eight (48) Half-Day Sessions of the program. However, only one of you will be allowed to sit for the Session Quizzes and/or be accordingly assessed under the program as specified above.

Information on Registration

Registration fees covers one set of session program notes, refreshments and lunch.  Reservation/Booking by fax or email of intending participants are acceptable with partial payment being forwarded before the closing date. If a place is reserved and the intended participants failed to attend the course on the date of the event, the fee is to be settled in full. However substitution of participants(s) will be conditionally permitted (see FAQs above) with approval by IEM. In view of the limited places available, intending participants are advised to send their registration as early as possible so as to avoid disappointment.

The Special Committee reserves the right to alter or change the programme schedule if due to unforeseen circumstances. Every effort will be made to inform the registered participants of any changes.

Additional Information
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Process and Engineering Design of a Crude Oil Refinery and Tank Farm - Premised On Process Safety & Environmental Sustainability

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