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8-Saturday Course on "Geotechnical Engineering Design-Structured Training”
Venue: Bangunan Ingenieur, 06- GETD Lecture Room, Second Floor
Date & Time: 23 Jun 2018 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
Closing Date Before: 20-Jun-2018 (Subject to change based on availability of seat)

Commencement Date:  June 2018

Ir. Kong Soo Yit MIEM, PEng; Ir. Raftah bt Mahfar MIEM, PEng, Ir. Yeoh Chin Seng MIEM, PEng; Ir. Lim Ek Peng MIEM, PEng and
Ir. Nik Afifah bt Nik Mohd Adeeb MIEM, PEng

Biodata of Facilitators  

1)Ir. Kong Soo Yit

Ir. Kong Soo Yit, B.Eng.(First class Hons)(UM), P.Eng, MIEM, ASEAN Eng., GBI Facilitator holds a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Malaya, Malaysia.  Ir. Kong started the career as a civil engineer in the late 80s’; he gained substantial engineering knowledge and successfully completed several notable high-rise projects in Klang Valley. During his tenure as senior engineer, Ir. Kong worked in corroboration with turnkey contractors and focused upon developing cost-effective design approach
and constructability which improved the competitiveness of the project.

Ir. Kong is the co-founder of Perunding RekaCeKap Sdn. Bhd., a civil & structural consulting firm. He has been involved in many design & build projects which require high expectation on cost efficient design, constructability and timely deliverable of the construction details. With the wealth of experience gained, he has been rewarded with many sizable contracts from various design & build contractors and successfully completed within budget and tight schedule.

His work over the last 2 decades can be summarized as covering the followings:-
Concept design and evaluating various engineering solutions for cost efficiency as well as developing tailor made construction details and methodologies for the client. In addition, he constantly adopts new techniques and technologies by working closely with specialist suppliers.

2) Ir. Yeoh Chin Seng

Ir. Yeoh Chin Seng graduated from University Malaya in 1989. He has more than 25 years of experience in civil and structural consultancy services. His involvement in project management and contract documentation further enhances his engineering experience. A few site postings to supervise construction works had also further strengthened and refined his professional skills.

3) Ir. Raftah Mahfar

Ir. Raftah Mahfar is currently a Director of SCG Consultants Sdn. Bhd., a Structural, Civil, Infrastructure, Geotechnical and Railway engineering Consultants.  She holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (1985) and Master of Science in Civil & Structural Engineering from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (1990).  

She has more than 30 years of technical experience in Geotechnical Engineering design and construction. Her projects include Upgrading of Jalan Segamat-Tangkak, Pembinaan Kompleks Istana Baru Terengganu, Slope Repair Works at Jalan Baru Naik Ke Bukit Fraser,
Electrified Double Track Project Ipoh to Padang Besar and etc.

Ir. Raftah is a Professional Engineer with Practicing Certificate with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM). She is also an Interviewer and Reviewer for IEM’s Professional Engineer Interview.

Ir. Raftah is active as Corporate Member of Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM). She has been a Committee member of IEM Women Engineers from year 2008, Committee member of IEM Standing Committee on Activities, Committee member of IEM Standing Committee On Professional Practice and past Committee member of IEM Standing Committee of Welfare (2012/13). She is the Chairperson of IEM Women Engineers Sub-Committee for session 2012/2013, the Chairman of IEM Women Engineers Section for Session 2013/2014 and Section 2014/2015.  Presently, Ir. Raftah is the Chairman for WiSET 2018 conference, committee on Disaster Risk Reduction Advisory Board and Special Committee on Structured Training.

4) Ir Lim Ek Peng

Ir Lim Ek Peng is a practising Professional Civil & Structural Engineer with Perunding Hashim & NEH Sdn Bhd. He obtained his Bachelor of Civil Engineering from UTM in 1985 and Master of Engineering from University of Malaya in 1989.  He has over 32 years of experience in civil & structural engineering design and construction. He was a member of technical committees of (IEM-SWO) for standards in Design of Concrete Structures for MS EN 1990, 1991, 1992 & was a member of IEM C&S WG1 for drafting of Malaysia National Annex of EC8.

5) Ir. Dr. Nik Afifah Nik Mohd Adeeb

Ir. Dr. Nik Afifah Nik Mohd Adeeb has 34 years’ experience in road design, bridge design, geotechnical design, C&S building design, project management, construction management, construction supervision &
technical design audit. Some projects implemented are:  

Design (C&S, Geotechnical, Hydrology, Bridges & Roads):
-    Pre-fabricated “Multi-Purpose Building, Raub, Pahang”
-    “Control Tower Complex, KLIA Sepang”
-    “Bridge over Sg. Jengka, Pahang”, “Bridge over Sg. Luit” etc.
-    “Upgrading JB  – Mersing Road, M.S 13 – M.S 38”
-    “Upgrading Junction Bahau – Keratong Highway, Jempol”

Project Management, Design Review & Audit
-    “Pagoh Education Hub (RM992,623,000.00), Johor”
-    “Seremban – Gemas Electrified Double Track Project (RM3.5 Billion)”
-    Technical Audit for Jab. Audit Negara (2007).
-    “KLIA Project, Sepang (RM 10 Billion)”

Construction Management
-    “PJC Headquarters, Putrajaya”
-    “Ampang Hospital, KL”

Construction Supervision
-    “Duty Free Complex, Subang Airport”
-    “Extension of Runway & additional taxiways,  Subang Airport”


Over the years, it has been observed that many graduate engineers are unable to present themselves for the Professional Interview (PI) conducted by the IEM because they possess insufficient design experience, which is a prerequisite. This intensive design course will therefore prepare potential candidates for the said PI.

Course Overview

This course is to provide the candidate the knowledge to understand areas on the following:
• soil mechanics (effective stress, shear strength, consolidation, earth pressure etc.);
• plan and supervision of subsurface investigation  (field and laboratory tests) and interpretation of test results;
• carry out slope stability analysis and design;
• carry out foundation design (pile capacity design and shallow foundation);
• carry out settlement analysis;
• carry out soil structure interaction;
• carry out retaining wall design (earth pressure calculation); ground treatment selection.

Course Format

The course consists of formal content presentation. The facilitators’ style involves intensive participant participation.

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8-Saturday Course on "Geotechnical Engineering Design-Structured Training”

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