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1st Session

Course Title: Practical & Legal Issues Pertaining to Payment in Construction Contracts (PWD 203/203A -Rev.1/2010)
Date: 26th - 27th June 2023 (Monday - Tuesday)
Venue: Nu Hotel, Bintulu
CPD: 12

This course mainly to:

  • Provide knowledge and understanding on legal and contractual provisions with regards to interim payments, variations,material on site, final account and so on;
  • Discuss and answer practical, important and Frequently Asked Questions on issues relating to payments with specific reference to PWD 203/203A (Rev 1/2010)Standard Form of Contract; and

2nd Session

Course Title: Non-Completion & Damages(LAD) In Construction Contracts – An Overview”
Date: 8th - 9th August 2023 (Tuesday - Wednesday)
Venue: Sibu
CPD: 12

Due to the serious ramification and issues surrounding this area, practitioners in the construction industry are expected to know all the necessary details in the actual implementation of non-completion and deduction of liquidated damages to ensure that their rights and liabilities are always protected.

This talk is aimed to provide an overview and examine the principle, procedural and liability aspects of non-completion and liquidated damages in the local construction industry.Furthermore, it is intended that the participants/practitioners will be able to better understand,adopt best practices and appreciate the contract administrator duties and obligation under a construction contract pursuant to this topic.

3rd Session

Course Title: Practical Completion &Defects in Construction Contracts – An Overview
Date: 25th - 26th September 2023 (Monday - Tuesday)
Venue: IntEC Kuching, Jalan Isthmus
CPD: 12

The principal topic and ambit of this course will be:
  • Introduction & Definition to Practical Completion, Sectional Completion & Partial Completion
  • Factors & Prevailing Practice in Deciding Practical Completion, Sectional Completion & Partial Completion
  • Application & Certification Procedures in Practical Completion, Sectional Completion & Partial Completion
  • Practical Completion, Sectional Completion & Partial Completion provisions and procedures in PWD 203 1/2010 and PAM 2006/ 2018 Standard Form of Contract
  • Miscellaneous issues and a question-and-answer session on the topic

About our speaker:

B. Sc. HBP (Hons) Quantity Surveying (USM)
B. Jurisprudence (External) (UM)
M. Sc. Project Management (USM)
Consultant Quantity Surveyor (BQSM),
Registered Member (RISM)
Mediator (AIAC) & Adjudicator (AIAC)

Sr Jaspal Singh a/l Nachatar Singh has 18 years experience both privates and government sector as Quantity Surveyor. He is currently attached with the Public Works Department Malaysia (PWD) as Senior Quantity Surveyor. Graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) Housing, Building & Planning (HBP) (Quantity Surveying) from USM, Master of Science in Project Management from USM,Graduated Bachelor of Jurisprudence (External) from UM, and currently pursuing his PhD in Construction Law.

He is a Consultant Quantity Surveyors with Board of Quantity Surveyor (BQSM) as well as a Member of Royal Institute of Surveyor Malaysia (RISM). He later pursued his Professional Certificate in Adjudication and is listed on the Asian International Arbitration Centre’s (AIAC)Panel of Adjudicators. He further acquired Professional Certificate in Mediation and is listed on the AIAC Panel of Mediators. He recently obtained HRDC Train The-Trainer (TTT) certificate and is a HRDC Certified Trainer.

Registration Fee

For enrolling in one session:
  • RM 700 (IEM member);
  • RM 850 (non-IEM member)

For enrolling in three sessions:
  • RM 2,000 (IEM member);
  • RM 2,450 (non-IEM member)

Any inquiries:
Office Tel.: +60 82 288 856

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