WFEO H.J. Sabbagh Prize for Excellence in Engineering Construction

Please refer to the nomination’s form (p. 3) to learn more about the theme and fields of constructive engineering which will be highly regarded for the 2022 edition of the Prize.

The purpose of this Award, as for all WFEO’s Awards, is to direct the world’s attention to the role of engineering in sustainable development.

The Consolidated Contractors Company, under the leadership of the late Hassib J. Sabbagh, gave the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) responsibility for organizing the Hassib J. Sabbagh Award for Engineering Construction Excellence.

This Award was instituted in 2002 by the initiative and endowment of Hassib J. Sabbagh who devoted many years of concern and effort in the area of engineering and construction.

The Award consists of a medal, a certificate, and a cash prize of $10,000 (USD) and is usually presented in conjunction with the biennial General Assembly of the WFEO.

The first presentation was given during the WFEO General Assembly in Tunis, Tunisia, in October 2003.

The Award rewards a specific construction project, in line with the theme defined for each award’s edition.

Special consideration shall be given to projects completed amid the Covid-19 outbreak, and to projects with a strong focus on technological innovation, sustainability and resilience.

Nominations shall be made either by construction project managers, or by the contractor company itself.

The nominee shall be an engineer or a team of (max. 4) engineers responsible for the construction project.

to be completed in English language only and sent before 16 September 2022 to

Please use the following checklist to ensure all items have been completed:
A) Background Data for the nominating contractor (fill the form)
B) Background Data for the nominated (team of max. 4) leading engineer(s) (fill t
he form)
C) Security & Privacy Regulations (read, agree)
D) Description of the finalized project and annexes

An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

‘This year’s award aims to showcase construction engineers’ creativity and sense of adaptation in difficult times, with regard to the Covid-19 context, changing field and travel regulations, need to adapt and create new infrastructures to face sanitary challenges, adapt to materials shortage, etc. 

Amongst others possible, here are some topics which would be highly valued in your project’s nomination:
  • Building Back Better in the New and Next Normal; 
  • Construction 4.0 Application and other Innovative practices in construction project management and methodology, and/or of new, resilient and sustainable materials;
  • Contributing to enhance the community’s civil infrastructures, especially in the health / sanitary / adaptation to transportation and working regulations fields.
  • Conservation of the architectural heritage, structural consolidation and restoration intervention, innovative rehabilitation techniques.’

Please refer attached document below for more info.

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2022 WFEO H.J. Sabbagh Prize for Excellence in Engineering Construction
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