Nomination of Malaysian Candidates to Represent IEM


The HKIE-IEM-CIE Tripartite Seminar 2021 on “Adapt to Challenges, Create to Thrive”

The HKIE Geotechnical Division Annual Seminar 2021 will be the 41st seminar of the division. In the last four decades we see geotechnical engineers play an important part to the growth and development of Hong Kong. We have seen advancement and innovative engineering in different areas: safety control and management of HK sloping terrain; deep excavation for mass transit railway and buildings in urban areas; larger and deeper tunnels and caverns for transportation, storage and treatment works; deep foundation with complex geology and steep terrain for housings; and reclamations for high rise buildings and infrastructure development. We also see the progress in soil modelling and computation with support of sound site investigation, refined laboratory testing and real-time instrumentation monitoring. In recent years, we see a big shift to harness digital technology that help transform our approach in geotechnical designs, control, and construction. With the theme of “Adapt to Challenges, Create to Thrive”, the Annual Seminar enables us to review and present the achievements that we have made so far. It also provides a platform for our practitioners to share their ideas and experiences, with the aim of generating useful insights from the geotechnical profession to pursue higher goals and meet new challenges

The Geotechnical Engineering Technical Division (GETD), IEM invites engineers registered  with  IEM  to  submit  a suitable  abstract  and  a  brief  CV  for  the HKIE-IEM-CIE Tripartite  Seminar.  Three  candidates will  be  selected  to represent  IEM  to  present  technical  papers  in  this  seminar. The selection process will be based on abstracts submitted, and decision made by the Committee of GETD will be final.  
The selected candidates will be provided with two nights accommodation at the hotel where the seminar is to be held and waived of the seminar registration fee.  Transportation costs for attending the seminar for the candidates will be partly subsidised by IEM / GETD.   
Within a period of one month after the seminar, the candidates shall submit a written report (suitable for publication in IEM’s Bulletin - JURUTERA) on the event to GETD.  The candidates will also be required to repeat the presentation at IEM as an evening talk. 

Abstract should be about 300 words and pertinent to the seminar theme “Adapt to Challenges, Create to Thrive” 

The  abstract  and  CV  should  be  sent  to  the  Geotechnical Engineering  Technical  Division,  IEM  (Attention  to   Ms. Aisyah, Email:   before  20th January 2021.
Acceptance of abstract will be notified on 20th February 2021 and full paper submission deadline is 31st March 2021. 

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Nomination of Malaysian Candidates to Represent IEM

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