IEM-CIMB Affinity Card - Young Professional segment

CIMB have come out with a solution for Young Professional segment with a relaxation initiative to this segment since they are an employed and basically have income to entitle them for a credit card facility. With this, more junior members will apply for the card and start using the card for membership fee, tuition / training fees and etc.
This Young Professional segment in CIMB  defined as a Junior members with the following criteria;
  • Age 23 to 28 years;
  • Salaried
  • with income at least RM 2,500
For Affinity Partners, they are more benefits to the Junior members since they are entitled to apply for World Mastercard and Visa Infinite even though their income is only RM30K p/annum .

This is one of the best privilege given to Junior Professionals under Affinity Credit Card program. This initiative is just started and more to come in 2021.


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