Announcement on IEM JURUTERA bulletin

Dear IEM members, 

We hope that you are all keeping safe and healthy amidst the Recovery MCO period.  As you would have noticed, since April 2020 during the MCO, IEM had put in extra effort to produce an e-Jurutera for ease of reading by members including via mobilephone without having to download the whole pdf copy. 

In view of the current economic climate and the substantial increase in postage costs by nearly 100%, the IEM Excomm had decided to send the hard copies in bulk to IEM Branches throughout the country for members to collect personally or by proxy.  We will in the meantime continue to improve on our e-Jurutera in terms of delivery as well as content.  

Thank you for your understanding.               

Best regards,
Ir. Mohd Khir bin Muhammad FIEM, P.Eng
Hon. Secretary Session 2019/2020


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