Future Transportation of Malaysia 2030 Infographic Poster Competition


  • The competition is open to all students age 12 and above, or any IEM members. 
  • Registration of entrants will be by submission of infographic, together with the registration form, student proof (where applicable to non-IEM members) & payment proof, & must be sent to iem.htetd.infographic2020@gmail.com.
  • The registration form can be downloaded from the IEM website www.myiem.org.my or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/IEM.HTETD.
  • Each entry can be participated & submitted by an individual person, or by a group consisting of 2 or 3 participants. Maximum number of participants in a group per entry is 3.
  • Only one static infographic submission per entry is allowed.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries any person or group can submit. A person can submit as many entries as he/she wishes as an individual and/or join as many groups as he/she wishes.
  • Each entry submitted, either individual or group, shall be accompanied by a registration fee of RM20 per entry. The proof of payment must be sent together with registration form for registration verification purpose.
  • Payment can be made to our IEM bank account: 
    • Alliance’s Bank Account No: 6403 2001 0020 215
    • Account Name: The Institution of Engineers Malaysia
  • Infographic entries should be in high resolution graphic or pdf format, with A4 size dimensions 180mm x 270mm (Portrait). Maximum file size is 10MBs.
  • All entries shall be in English.
  • Please ensure that all images are available under a creative commons license or permission has been obtained.
  • By entering the competition, the entrants agree to grant permission to IEM HTETD to use and reproduce their work, with appropriate acknowledgement. 


  • The theme of the infographic competition is “Future Transportation of Malaysia 2030”. The participants shall consider all type of transport in their vision which includes, but not limited to, train, bus, car, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian.
  • Future Transportation of Malaysia More information of the content of “Future Malaysian Transport 2030” for the competition can be referred to the following websites: https://www.pmo.gov.my/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/National-Transport-Policy-2019_2030EN.pdf 

  • At the end of the Competition Period, the Judges will evaluate the Entries based on the following criteria: 
    • Relevance and accuracy of information & content [30%]
    • Effective communication of information [20%]
    • Clarity of information for non-technical general public [15%]
    • Visual appeal [10%]
    • Creativity [10%]
    • Grammar & Spelling [5%]
    • The number of ‘Likes’ on your Infographic in our Facebook page www.facebook.com/IEM.HTETD [10%]
  • Winners will be announced on 12th October 2020. 

The Closing Date: 08 September 2020 (Tuesday)

For any inquiry, kindly contact: IEM HTETD SECRETARIAT iem.htetd.infographic2020@gmail.com / roselein@iem.org.my at 03 7968 4005

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Registration Form - Infographic Competition 2020

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Future Transportation of Malaysia 2030 Infographic Poster Competition

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