IEM Engineering Student Design Challenge - Theme: Industry 4WRD

Organised by:
Consulting Engineers Special Interest Group (CESIG) & IEM Young Engineers Section (YES)

About the IDEA: Industry4WRD Challenge

The IDEA Industry4WRD is a higher institution level design idea pitching competition run by IEM CESIG and YES. The name comes from what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, involving 11 enablers which are Systems Integration, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligent, Robotics, etc. The Malaysia National Policy on Industry 4.0 (Industry4WRD) has been launched by Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad on 31 October 2018. The IDEA respond the call for digital transformation of manufacturing sector and its related services. IEM is strongly supporting and promoting Industry4WRD. The IDEA Industry4WRD aims to showcase and recognise the capabilities of engineering students in Fourth Industrial Revolution. A prize will be given to the team that presents the best innovation to meet any challenge relating to Industry 4.0.

Your team is required to propose an innovative product that is useful and it is able to assist Die Cast Manufacturing Industry transformation towards Industry 4.0. 

Who can participate?
The IDEA is open for higher learning institution engineering student. (University, University College, Polytechnic, College)

How many people can be on a team?
Teams of 4 are recommended, but teams can have 3-5 members.

Can a university have more than one team?
Yes, provided the teams do not share information or work together in any way.

What will I learn?
Through our competition, you will be tested and improve on your engineering analytical, time management, innovation and presentation skills!

Is there a prize?
Yes! We are excited to announce that IEM is providing a grand prize of RM800 for the first place team, RM500 for second place, and RM300 for third place. 

What is the Judging Criteria?
We are looking for innovative applications that can be developed for industrial use.
  • Innovation and novelty
  • Relevance to Industry 4.0
  • Practicality
  • Market opportunity
  • Presentation skills

Submission Details:
Applicants must submit a 250-word summary and a 30-60 second video. The video does not need to be professional (using mobile phones is fine). Video need to upload to YouTube Channel. 

The competition takes place in 2 stages: the First round and the Final round. In the First round, up to 10 entries will be shortlisted and invited to the Final round. The First Round will be start from 15 December 2019 until 29 February 2020.

The Final round will be held at the Institution of Engineers Malaysia HQ/on 7 April 2020 in front of a judging panel.  This will be a 15-minute presentation followed by up to 10 minutes of questions from the panel.

First Round:
The deadline for competition entry is Wednesday 15th March 2020 at 23:59Hrs 

The judges will evaluate the viability of your innovative solution based on the information provided in the 250 word summary and 30-60 second video. The video need to upload to YouTube Channel.  

Entrants can submit more than one entry, and the judges will be assessing how well developed your innovative solution is.

All finalists will be notified by 31st March 2020. An email will be sent to the lead entrant only, who will need to confirm within 48 hours that they can present to the panel as specified.

Final Round
Each finalist will be asked to present to the Final Round Judging Panel.  Each presentation will last no more than 15 minutes and will be followed by up to 10 minutes of questioning.  The presentation can be in any format. A table, projector and laptop will be provided. At least one member of the submitting team must attend and make the presentation. Any Finalist not able to present for any reason will be disqualified from the competition.

Competition Schedule
Competition Open: 31st December 2019
Submission Deadline: 15th Mar 2020
Finalists will be announced: 31st Mar 2020
Finalists Presentations: 7th April 2020 

Presentations will take place at IEM HQ on 7 April 2020. The exact timings of finalist’s presentations will be confirmed in March 2020.

For more info, please download the attachment.

Registration Fees: IEM members RM100/team

Prizes (with IEM Certificates)
1st Placing: RM 800
2nd Placing:RM 500
3rd Placing: RM 300

5 Consolation Prize: RM100/Team

For enquiry, please contact Ms. Roselein at email: or tel. no 603–7968 4003

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