Road Safety Infographic Poster Competition 2019

Closing Date : 31st July 2019 (Wednesday)
Objective : to create awareness on road safety in Malaysia.



  • At the end of the Competition Period, the Judges will evaluate the Entries based on the following criteria:
    • Relevance and accuracy of information & content [30%]
    • Effective communication of information [20%]
    • Clarity of information for non-technical general public [15%]
    • Visual appeal [10%]
    • Creativity [10%]
    • Grammar & Spelling [5%]
    • The number of ‘Likes’ on your Infographic in our Facebook page [10%]


  • The competition is open to Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) students in Malaysia.
  • Registration of entrants will be by submission of infographic, together with the registration form, student proof & payment proof, & must be sent to
  • The registration form can be downloaded from the IEM website or our Facebook page
  • Each entry can be participated & submitted by an individual student, or by a group consisting of 2 or 3 students. Maximum number of participants in a group per entry is 3.
  • Only one static infographic submission per entry is allowed.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries any student or group can submit. A student can submit as many entries as he/she wishes as an individual and/or join as many groups as he/she wishes.
  • Each entry submitted, either individual or group, shall be accompanied by a registration fee of RM20 per entry. The proof of payment must be sent together with registration form for registration verification purpose.
  • Payment can be made to our IEM bank account:
    • Alliance’s Bank Account No: 6403 2001 0020 215
    • Account Name: The Institution of Engineers Malaysia
  • Infographic entries should be in high resolution graphic or pdf format, with A4 size dimensions 180mm x 270mm (Portrait). Maximum file size is 10MBs.
  • All entries shall be in English.
  • Please ensure that all images are available under a creative commons license or permission has been obtained.
  • By entering the competition, the entrants agree to grant permission to IEM HTETD to use and reproduce their work, with appropriate acknowledgement. 

Prizes & Certificate

1st RM 500
2nd RM 300
3rd RM 200

For any inquiry, kindly contact

IEM HTETD SECRETARIAT at or | 03 7968 4005

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Road Safety Infographic Poster Competition 2019
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Road Safety Infographic Poster Competition 2019

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