Notice of 60th Annual General Meeting of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia

To all members of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia

Saturday, 20 April 2019, 9.00 am at Wisma IEM

In accordance with Section 7.5 of the Bylaws, notice is hereby given that the 60th Annual General Meeting of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia shall be held at Malakoff  Auditorium, 1 st Floor, Wisma IEM, 21 Jalan Selangor, Petaling Jaya on Saturday, 20 April 2019 at 9.00 am. 

The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting is as follows:-
1.  Welcoming Address by the President for Session 2018/2019.
2.  Confirmation of Minutes of the 59th Annual General Meeting held on 21 April 2018.
3.  Matters Arising.
4.  Annual Report / Financial Statements for Session 2018/2019.
5.  Discussion on written issues from members of which written notice is submitted to reach IEM Secretariat by 1 April 2019.
     Please note that no matters under this item shall be discussed, unless prior written notice is received by 1 April 2019.
     This is in accordance to the IEM Constitution & Bylaws.
6.  Amendments to the IEM Constitution.
7.  Announcement of Results of Election for Council Session 2019/2020.
8.  Awards Presentation 
9.  Presentation of Certificates – Members Transferred to the grade of Fellow in 2018.
10. Change of Office Bearers
11. Election of Honorary Internal Auditors.
12. Appointment of External Auditors.
13. Any Other Business
14. Presidential Address 2019/2020.

Ir.  Mohd Khir bin Muhammad FIEM, PEng
Hon. Secretary

1) As this is a Saturday, parking around the IEM premises (Wisma IEM and Bangunan Ingenieur) is free.
2) Parking  facilities have also been arranged for members at the Kompleks A Menara MBPJ Car Park (behind Bangunan Ingenieur). IEM will bear the parking fees for those who park inside the Kompleks  A  Car park Menara MBPJ. Parking is from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm. All members parking there are therefore to produce the parking ticket for verification by the IEM Secretariat at the AGM venue.The parking ticket would be collected by the Parking Attendant at Menara MBPJ Car park upon exit.
3) Light breakfast will be served from 8.00 am.
4) To  assist in our planning and arrangement to ensure there are sufficient seats, members are requested to return the reply slip to the Secretariat not later than 1 April 2019.

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IEM Constitution Amendment - 11-11-2018- Annual Report

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