Questionnaire on the Proposal for the Establishment of Construction Tribunals in Malaysia

Background of Research
At different phases of constructions (Phase 1-6), there are various technical issues. For example, at Phase 1 and 2, there are cases on dispute as regards to addition submission requirement, phase 3 and 4, sometimes there are dispute as regards to the reasons for Stop Work Order by the local authority, Phase 5- unnecessary clearance letter requested by the local authority, Phase 6- OSC requesting too many requirement for CCC or not accepting CCC, and dispute in allegation of pre-mature CCC.

There is currently no-binding forum to attend to the dispute which is caused by this phenomena except for the Appeal Board which is confined to hearing appeal on planning permission.

Objectives of Research
1. To suggest the legal framework and modus operandi of the Tribunal for Technical Construction Dispute.
2. To do a survey on the level of acceptance and readiness of operators and local authorities towards the establishment of such tribunal.
3. To do an impact assessment on the Tribunal for Technical Construction Dispute.

The Malaysia Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) sponsors this research with full support from the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government (KPKT)

This questionnaire contains of 5 parts. Please answer ALL questions.
Part A – Background Information
Part B – Views on the Composition of the Suggested Tribunal
Part C – Views on the Modus Operandi of the Suggested Tribunal
Part D - Views on Tribunal’s Fees
Part E – General Comments

1) Questionnaires for operators in BM -

2) Questionnaires for operators in english -

Your answers and any inquiries should be directed to Assoc. Prof. Dr Nuraisyah Chua Abdullah at

Please be informed that information provided in this questionnaire is subject to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. The information obtained from this questionnaire may form part of a report that may be made public. However, personal information will be used for the purpose of this project only thus it remains confidential and shall not be disclosed.



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