2-day Course on Malaysian Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement (MyCESMM)


MyCESMM replaces the current Malaysian Standard Method for Measurement of Civil Engineering Construction covering a wider range of civil engineering works. It is expected to contribute towards delivering cost effective civil engineering projects through the adoption of best practices in the preparation of the bills of quantities (BQ). The implementation of MyCESMM would eliminate discrepancies and ambiguities in the BQ, facilitate better understanding of the nature of work to be done and thus reduce potential claims and dispute arising during the construction stage. This MyCESMM is the mandatory course for all those who are involved in all engineering works.


This 2-day course consist lectures, workshops and presentations on important MyCESMM matters in the following manners:

- Standard Method of Measurement (SMM) in relation to preparation of Bills of Quantities (BQ), function of BQ, why standardised BQ is needed, SMM in construction procurement without SMM, benefits of standardizing the BQ for civil engineering works using MyCESMM
- Introduction to CESMM (2003), MyCESMM (2011), A Guide to MyCESMM and Library of Standard BQ Description for MyCESMM
- Principles of MyCESMM; Definitions, general principle, application of the work classifications, coding & numbering of items, preparation of BQ, completion, pricing and use of BQ, and finally method-related charges
- Introduction to selected work classes; Demolition & Site Clearance, Earthworks and Piling works
- For detail items, to cover work classifications of Pipework, Brickwork, Blockwork and Masonry

- Prepare BQ description by extraction from Library of Standard BQ description for MyCESMM
- Taking off, Abstracting nd prepare BQ in-line with MyCESMM 

- Participants working in groups will be presenting their workshop task and to be compared to Trainer’s model answers


Ir. Hj. Shahul Ikram bin Hj. Adnan is currently a Director of Railplan Consultants Sdn. Bhd., a civil and structural engineering consultants based in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University of Nebraska, USA and an MBA (Construction Business) from International Islamic University, Malaysia.  He is registered as a Professional Engineer with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia. Has
served in the construction industry for the last 231 years and the most recent 10 years, in a project management and contract administration environment managing sewerage sector developments namely Jelutong Sewage Treatment Plant and Pantai 2 Sewage Treatment Plant. He is also a CIDB’s certified MyCESMM Trainer.

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