The HKIE-IEM-CIE Tripartite Seminar 2017


The HKIE-IEM-CIE Tripartite Seminar 2017 on

“Geotechnical Engineering Solutions for Natural Disaster Mitigation”

13th December 2017, Hong Kong


The CIE-HKIE-IEM Tripartite Seminar aims to create a venue for interactive discussions and sharing of experience in multi-discipline engineering among Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE, Taiwan), Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), and The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM). The seminar is hosted in turn among the three professional institutions. This year, the CIE will be hosting the One-Day CIE-HKIE-IEM Tripartite Seminar with the theme “Geotechnical Engineering Solutions for Natural Disaster Mitigation”. A total of ten papers from three professional institutions will be presented. The seminar will be held on 13th December 2017 at Hong Kong.

In this seminar, papers discussing on the following topics that are relevant to the selected theme are invited:

a) Development of design codes, guidance, policy etc

b) Planning, site classification and investigation

c) Design and construction of natural disaster mitigation solutions

d) Design and construction of structures / infrastructure that are resilient to natural disasters

e) Project and case histories

f) Field and laboratory testing

g) Advance in design and analysis methods

h) Research and development


The Geotechnical Engineering Technical Division (GETD), IEM invites engineers registered with IEM to submit a suitable abstract and a brief CV for the HKIE-IEM-CIE Tripartite Seminar. Three candidates will be selected to represent IEM to present technical papers in this seminar. The selection process will be based on abstracts submitted, and decision made by the Committee of the GETD will be final. 

The selected candidates will be provided with two nights’ accommodation at the hotel where the seminar is to be held and waived of the seminar registration fee. Transportation costs for attending the seminar for the candidates will be reimbursed by IEM.

Within a period of one month upon returning to Malaysia after the seminar, the candidates shall submit a written report (suitable for publication in IEM’s Bulletin - JURUTERA) on the event to the GETD. The candidates will also be required to present a talk at IEM.


Abstract should be about 300 words and pertinent to the seminar theme “Geotechnical Engineering Solutions for Natural Disaster Mitigation”.  


The  abstract  and  CV  should  be  sent  to  the  Geotechnical Engineering  Technical  Division,  IEM  (Attention  to  Pn. Nurul,   Email:   before  31st July 2017.

Acceptance of abstract will be notified on 15th August 2017 and full paper submission deadline is 1st October 2017

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The HKIE-IEM-CIE Tripartite Seminar 2017
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