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Talk on Risk Management for New Product Development
Venue: Wisma IEM, 03- TUS Lecture Room, Second Floor, 02- C&S Lecture Room, Second Floor
Date & Time: 20 May 2017 (11:05 AM - 1:00 PM)
Closing Date Before: 17-May-2017


There may be a misconception that Research and Development and New Product Development are the same thing. Research and Development is the conceptual phase of a product lifecycle where a new technology or entirely new product is being conceptualized with completely new science. Here the development portion is the act of turning the discovered science to a useful saleable product.

Whereas New Product Development is a process of researching, designing, creating, manufacturing, marketing and selling new product. It is the entire product life cycle from conception to commercialization. The aim is to ensure the development cost is reasonable, the manufacturing process is efficient, the product is launched at the right time and the product is acceptable for the market that it is aimed for.

Having in place an effective Risk management system will allow the organization to conduct a continuous risk assessment, anticipate known risk and make a calculated decision on how to move on with a NPD project. Rating Technical risk of project by assessing the “amount of unknown” will illustrate the level of maturity of the technology in a NPD project. It is less stressful in any project to anticipate risk and action it rather than “fire fighting” to resolve issues.    


Azlan Kameel Mohd Ghazaly, is currently a Project Management Lead in DYSON Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. which is a part of DYSON group which is headquartered in Malmesbury, England, owned by billionaire inventor Sir James Dyson who invented the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner. Since being incorporated in 1993, DYSON Ltd had created 58 products which include robot vacuum cleaner and Supersonic hairdryer. Azlan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin graduating in 1996.

Azlan has had 20 years of industrial experience working in OEM and ODM type of organization in industries related to automotive, electrical and electronics, oil and gas as well as consumer products. He has wealth of project management experience as a project team member and 12 years as a Project Manager in the organisation that he has worked with.          

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Talk on Risk Management for New Product Development

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